Lynn Kolaja Fire Equipment Sales

* 2010 Navistar 4300LP Chassis, GVW 20,000lbs
* VI-Tech body mounting system
* 96" X 173" body with 72" headroom
* Side door forward - Crash Configuration
* Federal Signal Legend LED front light bar
* Federal Signal EMS Escape rear light bar
* Federal Signal LED warning lights
* Federal Signal PA300 Siren
* Federal Signal siren Rumbler
* Weldon HID scene lights
* LED compartment lighting
* Tri-Maxx 10-gallon CAFS system
* Pull-out board for SCBA storage
* Energy absorbing rear step/bumper
* Rubber fenders & rub rails
* Lonplate II flooring
* Inteliplex electrical system
* Avonite solid surface counter-tops
* Electronic O2 system is standard
* All aluminum cabinetry
* Re-stocking cabinet frames
* Model has been Hygee sled tested to 35g's
* Three EVS 5pt restraint seats
* Custom interior design
* Mermaid MK15 temperature controlled cabinet
* Mermaid MK20 temperature controlled cabinet
* Heated IV cabinet
* Swivel base attendant seat with child safety seat
* Electronic Zico "M" tank lift
* Sealed switch panels with LED back lighting
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